A Chicago upbringing ignited Bedra’s love of design — she found inspiration in the city’s historical, cultural and architectural influences. Her own spaces weave clean lines and calming elements — they harmoniously blend classic Hollywood chic with contemporary.

“My designs range from modern to transitional — I love to mix-and-match,”

she says. 

Bedra has worked in interior design for more than 20 years and continues to hone her skills to new heights, working on a diverse range of residential projects and kitchen remodels. The freedom to explore her design ideas and a love of bringing clients’ visions to fruition are just two reasons she remains inspired and fulfilled in her work.

“I love delving into the creative process with clients,”

she says. “It’s incredibly rewarding to build on their ideas and create spaces that are a reflection of their passions and tastes.” 

Those who know Bedra know she has an outgoing personality and a good-natured sense of humor.

“I love to have a good time — and to laugh,”

she says. Which might be one reason her husband asked her on a date after shopping at Cantoni Furniture where she works — the two were married one year later. “He said he was ‘just looking,’” she says, and laughs.